Amazon Smile

0.5% of qualifying purchases for CHHH through the Amazon Smile Foundation 

Redner's Supermarket

1% charity contribution when used in conjunction with Redners' Reward Card.  Send us your receipts when using their "rewards card".

United Way

 CHHH can be designated as a recipient by using code #12803

Grants Received 2018

**$2,500 - Crystal Trust

$3,500 - Draper Holdings (WBOC Bless Our Children)

$200 - Gap, Inc.

**$14,000 - Longwood Foundation, Inc.

$605 - Redner's Market Save-A-Tape

$1,500 - Walmart Corp.

**$7,150 - Welfare Foundation

**Grant for Building Renovations (HVAC, insulation, windows)**

Grants Received 2019

$1,250 - Christmas Shop Foundation

**$2,500 - Crestlea Foundations

**$650 - First Class Realty

$5,000 - It's All Good in Delaware

$5,000 - Potter Charity Trust Fund

$1,000 - Walmart

$3125 - Wilmington Flower Market

**Grant for Building Renovations (HVAC, insulation, windows)

Funds Received in Memory Of

JoAnn Frinsko

Dorothy Cox

Frances Clinton

Bruce & Mary Jane Ralston

Viola Willey

Frankley "Frankie" Bloom

Ray Campbell

Charles Heinig

Keith Culver

Susan Cox

Eugene Kujawa

Gary French